Why we exist

Girls and young women either in, or affected by, the public care system are amongst the most disaffected and vulnerable members of our society, disproportionately grappling with: 

● Domestic abuse: 1 in 3 girls in care will be sexually abused (NSPCC 2017).

● Mental health issues: 45% of Looked After Children (LAC) have a diagnosable mental health disorder (NHS 2016),

● Unemployment and underachieving in education: 188,000 more girls than boys are NEET in the UK (DFE 2016). 

These are just some of the major indicators that demonstrate the complexity of the challenges that these young women are faced with. Sister System is a future-focused, dynamic, early intervention programme that exists to bridge the gaps in the current provision and support young women so they can seek the right help, avoid or recover from these risks and become confident, successful and productive members of our society.


What we do

Our unique mentoring programme has been developed in consultation with young women who have been in care, using their own experience as well as research-based evidence to devise our intervention strategies. 

The programme works to improve the socio-economic and emotional well-being of young women affected by the care system, by identifying their strengths and creating pathways to educational attainment and employment opportunities. We seek to empower young women throughout their adolescent journey. 

Sister System’s unique approach will create a much needed support network for these young women, where they can harness the tools and strategies learned within the system to help themselves, and each other, build happy and successful lives. By giving them the skills to overcome challenges to social, emotional, economic and educational attainment, we will raise their aspirations and build their resilience. We aim to:

● Reduce the number of Looked After Children who become victims to domestic abuse,

● Reduce their risk of developing diagnosable mental health disorders,

● Reduce the number of women who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Ultimately, we seek to create a national network of phenomenal young women who will be guided to support each other in successfully navigating themselves into a fulfilling adulthood. We want to empower, enable and enhance girls and young women by increasing their social mobility. 

We seek to create a platform for girls and young women who together, employing the experiences gained within the System, can begin to bridge the social divide and provide the much-needed support system that is often missing during the adolescent journey.


How we do it

Sister System provides skills and a network to ensure young women fulfil their potential. We are the Big Sister who:

● Empowers,

● Removes Barriers,

● Bridges the Social divide that many young women face,

● Delivers pathways to attainment both social and economic well being.

We will achieve this by providing a wraparound, authentic programme throughout their adolescent journey into early adulthood comprising of:

● 12 interactive workshops inline with the  academic year (15-19yrs accredited) delivered by key workers, 

● 12 reflective workshops inline with the academic year delivered by key workers, 

● Professional coaching,

● Internships and placements,

● Networking, graduation and celebration events,

● On-line support forum for each cohort,

● 1-1 Keyworker’s,

● Big Sister Mentors.

Sister System’s unique programme is founded on the Solution Focused approach, Unconditional Positive Regard, Reflective Practice and Restorative Justice. We believe this creates an environment where our community can thrive and fulfil their potential.