Sister System Support

As a small charity that supports young women from difficult backgrounds we understand the anxiety that both our service users and partners in our sector are experiencing. We are reviewing all our upcoming events and we are very grateful and encouraged that many of our supporters are happy to support us. 

We are working shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners to help us weather these unprecedented conditions so that we can continue to deliver outstanding support to young women who need support now, and will continue to in the challenging days ahead. 

Finally, we know that although it will be tougher to operate over the coming months, we will be needed more than ever. We exist to ensure that young women from disadvantaged backgrounds get the best chance to succeed at school, work, home and in our communities. 

The virus will hit rich and poor alike but it will hit those with the least the hardest. If schools close, better-off parents will be able to pay for online tutoring or buy interesting books for their children to read, parents with less money won’t. If parents fall ill, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to have to take on caring responsibilities. And if the job market gets tough, we know that young people without good qualifications will take the hit.

Many of our Young Women with no family or support system will feel the brunt of the isolation, economic deprivation and losses at work. 

In the short term we will be exploring with our partners how we can support young women now and if and when schools and other facilities close.