Sister System is led by a multi-disciplinary team. Infusing experience skill passion and knowledge from  working in Education, mental health, Criminal Justice System, Social Care , domestic violence and therapeutic disciplines.

Together with the board of Trustees we weave our learnt tools and disciplines into our unique approach. 



Founder- Sister System

Okela has worked in the Children and Families Sector in the UK and the Caribbean across almost two decades. She has spent most of her career supporting girls and young women in a range of roles and service provisions, from being a grassroots practitioner to managing and running teams, budgets and departments.

Most recently, Okela has been responsible for writing, delivering and assessing Professional Development for senior leaders across the Sector. In addition, Okela has enjoyed being an entrepreneur, running several successful start-ups with a focus on social change.


Founder Sister System


Geraldine, the  founding ‘sister’, has been key to shaping the Sister System model. Geraldine first met Okela as a  student where she engaged in both the 1-1 and group work throughout her secondary education that Okela managed.  Geraldine, now a  successful graduate in International Marketing and Business, attributes much of her success to the support she received both from school and her personal network, and seeks to ensure all girls have access to a support system throughout their adolescence.