Sister system bespoke programme


the programme


Together with Sister Systems five unique programmes which  embed the skills learnt  and enhance confidence and self-esteem  the core of our offer is woven into each of these allowing us to build strong bonds amongst each other.

 These modules are designed to be delivered in group or 1-1 sessions in age appropriate groups.  Sister System journeys with you through your adolescence and into early women hood exploring the  key themes and supporting safe navigation of self,others and the wider world through the lense of a care effected girl. 

me, myself and i

Explores self identify, value of ourself, and the relationship we have with self.


Explores the various modes of communication. The  importance of effective communication and how this can be used to encourage personal growth and development.

sex, drugs and social media

Looks at the current challenges facing girls and young women today, we honestly explore the highs and the lows and together assess the impact on our  well being.


Explores  the many relationships we create and build as we grow and learn and the impact they  have on us as we journey from girl to woman.

Who are you, who am I and why do I care

Explores who we are in this big wide world, the importance of others  perceptions and how this affects our sense of self.